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iDOUBLEYOU is an Amsterdam based booking and management agency. We believe in our artists and their individual musical career. By creating an extensive platform; we organize events, cross borders and promote top-notch talent worldwide.

We at iDOUBLEYOU are true believers of music and its power to surpass boundaries and engage audiences. While covering a broad spectrum – working predominately within the electronic music scene – our achievements and continuing successes are built on creating a personalised relationship between the artist and his or her booker/manager. By identifying promising talent and developing a personal approach with every single musician, we strive for their artistic development and nourishing (musical) career. Building strong ties with our people is therefore our biggest pride.

With an extensive network built up in the industry, iDOUBLEYOU has established a solid reliable relationship between renowned electronic artists and national and international promoters, clubs and festivals and those pioneering the industry. Our belief in musical excellence covers the full spectrum of the artists’ trajectory, which enables us not only to shape a cohesive and lasting relationship with them, but also to foster our abilities to bring the best of what they have to offer and eventually, play a key role in their development, career growth and long-term success.

iDOUBLEYOU (iW) was founded in October 2009, in Amsterdam – one of the world’s capitals of electronic music – by Irene Willemse. As a passionate music lover and industry expert, she is responsible for booking and manageing recognizable artists, organizing events and stage management for renowned festivals. She strives to always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart for music.

Thu. 24/08/2017 - Floriadeterrein, HoofddorpControl + hospitality manager @ Mysteryland IDOUBLEYOU wish you a happy new year!